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Social Enterprise should make a profit

There is a lot of talk out there about Social Enterprises and the part they can play in helping the country go forward. The first myth I would like to explode is based around the name some politicians, and sadly some people working in the sector, give to these organisations and that is “Not for Profit.” That is something they most definitely should not be, they need to make a profit, or surplus if you prefer to call it that, otherwise there is nothing to pay for the future. The important thing is what they do with the profits and for a true Social Enterprise what I would expect to see is that they are largely re-invested into the community.

A Good Leader – A Great Team

At the weekend I was lucky enough to watch Real Madrid “Los Galacticos”, managed by Jose Mourinho, play in a pre-season friendly match against Leicester City, managed by Sven Goran Erikson . It set me thinking about the synergies in business and the importance of the whole team including their leader…..

Inspiration, Motivation, Communication…Growing success in your team

I’m looking back on an interesting and exciting week that started with a great evening of sharing, networking and much laughter (thanks to Tim Stimpson, former British Lions rugby player) at our inaugural ‘Growing Success’ event.

Understanding Finance for Business meets The Business Hub

A contingent from the ‘Understanding Finance for Business’ team dropped in to The Business Hub studios on Friday to record today’s show.  In case you are not aware of The Business Hub, it’s a relatively new local radio show focused on business issues and it started up a year ago.  In fact today’s show is […]