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Magna International invites start-ups and research organisations to showcase their innovations at Advanced Engineering

Showcase your innovation at the UK’s largest annual gathering of engineering and technology innovators: Advanced Engineering, 4-5 November 2015, Hall 5, NEC, Birmingham UK

Meerkats and Avatars 2010 – Preparing for a changing world

As an investor, I go along to many pitch events and technology demonstrations, and I assure you they are not all as entertaining as Dragon’s Den. “Thank goodness” I hear you say – and quite right too. Raising finance for a business and building your brand is a serious matter, with jobs, families and mortgages all depending on success.

Perfect Presentations

You’ve just delivered a flawless, perfectly worded presentation yet the audience seem underwhelmed at best… what went on? Kate Atkin works with organisations, teams and individuals focusing on the core issues of Confidence, Clarity and Communication and has seen it all…

Trust vs Trussed

Trust is a key element of relationships. In business, or for that matter, any other aspect of life. I was prompted into thinking about it by a point raised in a discussion within the Understanding Finance for Business group on LinkedIn which, among other things, asked whether risk factors should be raised during the initial 15 minute pitch. The discussion moved on to ask how trust can be created. As someone who helps companies refine their pitch techniques, I got thinking Trust vs Trussed.

Six tips for a polished pitch

A lot of my day to day work focuses on developing the confidence, motivation and productivity of my clients so I was fascinated by the flurry of coverage that followed the recent party conferences. Why would I blog about party political speeches on a finance for business blog? Because pitches to investors are scrutinised every bit as much as big speeches from politicians, albeit not by as many people. Here’s six tips that will bring polish to your pitch.