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Growing your business brand

Charles Handy once said: “Organisations are as different and as varied as the nations and societies of the world. They have differing cultures – sets of values and norms and beliefs – reflected in different structures and systems. And the cultures are affected by events of the past and climates of the present.”

How to achieve lasting growth and higher margins – Market strategy

If you haven’t stopped to think about it before, here are a handful of simple ideas that you can easily apply and that will make a difference to your chances of lasting business success.

Are you getting best value from your marketing communications?

Success in business in today’s increasingly digital world calls for engaging, effective PR, marketing and communications activity which in turns needs budget and resource.

But how do you do this in the most cost-effective, sustainable way if you have little or no in-house resource looking after your communications needs? Marcie Bell of The Foundry House works through the options and offers advice on avoiding common pitfalls.

Ten top tips to get positive media coverage

During my career as a writer and editor in the healthcare sector, I have seen firsthand the mistakes so many healthcare companies make in their attempts to secure coverage in the media. But by following the ten golden rules outlined in this post, you can ensure that you avoid these frequent faux pas and get your product in front of the readers that matter to you.

How effective are your leadership skills?

Can business strategy frameworks be useful for more than analyzing your business?…Rosemary Cooper-Clark works with organisations to develop their leadership performance in strategy, marketing and team development.