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Innovation Finance Seminar – 22 October 2015, London

The European Investment Bank Group, in partnership with CBI and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, is pleased to invite UK’s innovative and growing businesses to a corporate seminar addressing financing opportunities and the available extensive range of financial support.

‘Success in the US: Getting investment, building business with UKTI and Friends’

3 Days Left to Register for this Free To Attend Event! Discover the market opportunities, how to build your business and hear how to target US VCs to secure investment. UKTI’s staff from San Francisco, Chicago and New York will provide a pan-US perspective.

The Budget helps business to raise finance

The Budget is all about beer, cigarettes and petrol, right? Wrong! It’s about juggling sensitive fiscal and monetary policy to hang on to power at the next election, right? Well…..maybe. But let’s skip the politics and recognise that this budget is providing a huge boost to businesses, especially the smaller, high growth businesses that provide much of the excitement in the economy and create most new jobs.

Plastic Logic: Who – Whom?

SJIC’s Managing Director David Gill, provides an insightful thought piece looking at this week’s $700m investment in Plastic Logic…

Business Plans – Time for some heavy lifting?

There must be a business plan writing guide floating around that says “Investors will only look at a business if it has a really long business plan. Make sure you repeat points again and again to drive the message home. Your business is complex so make sure you use long sentences and clever sounding words to get this across. Don’t use illustrations to explain concepts; leave that to school projects. Expansive and complex paragraphs work best and demonstrate your intelligence. Nothing less than 50 pages will ever get their attention.”