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Cambridge Entrepreneurs share best tips for Business Strategy with Dr Soraya Jones

The end of the calendar year is time for business and start-up entrepreneurs to look back, self-evaluate and plan ahead. Am I doing the ‘right thing’ for my business? Have I forgotten anything? Are we ready to scale-up? Where can I seek further guidance? These are just some of the questions that determine future business […]

Grants for R&D – Grants for IP?

With the new Patent Box regime announced in the recent Budget coming into effect less than a year from now, the exploitation of Intellectual Property has been put firmly on the agenda for businesses with the capacity to innovate. The Patent Box will mean that eligible profits from worldwide sales of products protected by a granted UK or European patent will be taxed at only 10% from April 2013, compared to the standard 24% rate (or 20% if you qualify for the Small Profits Rate).

Don’t gamble your company’s reputation on unlicensed software

In times of tight budgets and tough economic market conditions, it’s never been more important to squeeze the greatest value from your software licenses. In addition, if you are looking for investment, don’t scare off your investors at the due diligence stage because you are running your business with unlicensed software. Jacob Mathew the managing director of Tollfree Networks, an independent IT consultancy and services company based in Cambridge, looks at the do’s and don’t’s of software licencing.