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Framework 7 European funding – Tips for success

In my earlier post (6 Oct 2010), I promised to follow up with a few tips for success when applying for funding under Framework 7. Over my years of involvement with the Commission and Framework programmes I have drawn the conclusion that one of the biggest causes of failure for bids is poor understanding of the beneficiaries of a proposed project. With this in mind, here are some ways to head this off.

European funding for business – often overlooked

At a time when cuts are affecting UK government funding for business, European grant funding can be an excellent solution. And yet I find it is frequently overlooked because people are put off by the prospect of red tape. There’s no denying, it does take time to develop and complete an application but if you’re looking for as much as €10m, is it so much to ask for a comprehensive, well thought through proposal? Try getting that amount of money from a VC with no guarantees.