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10 minutes with… St John’s Innovation Centre tenant Matteo Perucchini from Cambridge Healthcare Research who is planning to embark on a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matteo Perucchini Director of Cambridge Healthcare Research, on industry trends and his personal challenge to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean in December.

10 minutes with… St John’s Innovation Centre tenant Kinneir Dufort

Join us for a 10 minute interview with Greg Berman and Tony Bedford from Kinneir Dufort, an award-winning integrated research, innovation, design and product development company based at St John’s Innovation Centre, the leading early stage business incubator in Cambridge.

10 minutes with… Steven Tyson from Cambrionix Ltd (Part 2)

Following Part 1 of our interview with Steven Tyson, Founder and Director of Cambrionix Ltd, we delve further into the importance of social media, crowd funding and why it is often necessary to dismiss working with a particular client.