Positive Risks in Business

Positive Risks in Business


I have heard three times in as many weeks that if you don’t take risks you don’t get anywhere. The latest project I have taken on is not only a risk for the business but also for my personal pride; definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone. Film buffs and budding actors watch out as Pinewood Studios are coming to SJIC on the 14th July…

Keep an eye on the blog and you will eventually find out what the filming is for but in the meantime let me just get this off my chest. First the writing of the scripts; I thought that would be easier than it was, given that I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Don’t writers suffer from dreadful blocks? Not me ….I could write till doomsday – but writing words for other people – now that’s a skill. And when you first hear your words spoken out loud – that’s a frightening moment. I bet Victoria Wood doesn’t have that angst.

Next we had to find actors; professional (this is a product to sell) but not famous (too expensive), representative of the workplace (mixed ages, sex and ethnic backgrounds), and no room for amateur dramatics. (I am worried we might have selected one luvvy actor but the rest all seem sane enough.) The auditions were a hoot; given that I train managers in selection interviewing I really should have been in the comfort zone.

Next  – the location. The film director came up from the smoke to case the joint armed with camera to test the light. Rooms 1 to 3 were all rejected because of light/echo/adjacent noise/ and hum of the air con. We settled on room 4 because she liked the furnishings….although she says we need a small cabinet and pot plant so if anyone is willing to offer? In exchange for a walk on part?

Judith Elliott