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Are the banks lending?

The question we are frequently asked is “Are the banks lending at the moment?” Much to a lot of people’s surprise the answer is yes they are, but it depends.

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Business Plans – Time for some heavy lifting?

There must be a business plan writing guide floating around that says “Investors will only look at a business if it has a really long business plan. Make sure you repeat points again and again to drive the message home. Your business is complex so make sure you use long sentences and clever sounding words to get this across. Don’t use illustrations to explain concepts; leave that to school projects. Expansive and complex paragraphs work best and demonstrate your intelligence. Nothing less than 50 pages will ever get their attention.”

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Corporate investors key to success of life sciences companies

The investment jigsaw for life sciences companies can be complex but there is interesting evidence to show that corporate investors bring something unique to the party.

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Framework 7 European funding – Tips for success

In my earlier post (6 Oct 2010), I promised to follow up with a few tips for success when applying for funding under Framework 7. Over my years of involvement with the Commission and Framework programmes I have drawn the conclusion that one of the biggest causes of failure for bids is poor understanding of the beneficiaries of a proposed project. With this in mind, here are some ways to head this off.

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Six tips for a polished pitch

A lot of my day to day work focuses on developing the confidence, motivation and productivity of my clients so I was fascinated by the flurry of coverage that followed the recent party conferences. Why would I blog about party political speeches on a finance for business blog? Because pitches to investors are scrutinised every bit as much as big speeches from politicians, albeit not by as many people. Here’s six tips that will bring polish to your pitch.

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