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Good news (and bad news) on grant funding

How often do we hear that micro- and small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and the main source of new jobs? And that we need to move the economy away from an over-reliance on financial black magic and focus more on making real products? Add to that the fact that it isn’t easy for businesses to borrow money at the moment and you could be forgiven for expecting the Government to focus heavily on supporting small business. If you’re in this camp, you’re likely to be disappointed. But it’s not all bad news!

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Finance isn’t always the answer

In my work with early-stage businesses, I find there is frequently an assumption that finance is the solution to all problems. And yet, depending on the stage and nature of the business, a host of other options may be available. So, a call to entrepreneurs – think twice!

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Would you do a deal if your life depended on it?

Ask Jay-Z about integrity in Business Deals. Clients often ask how they can be sure that they can trust someone with whom they are discussing a business idea or deal. In over 20 years of working with pre-start or early-stage businesses I have never come across anyone who has “stolen” a business idea.

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Are the banks lending?

The question we are frequently asked is “Are the banks lending at the moment?” Much to a lot of people’s surprise the answer is yes they are, but it depends.

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Business Plans – Time for some heavy lifting?

There must be a business plan writing guide floating around that says “Investors will only look at a business if it has a really long business plan. Make sure you repeat points again and again to drive the message home. Your business is complex so make sure you use long sentences and clever sounding words to get this across. Don’t use illustrations to explain concepts; leave that to school projects. Expansive and complex paragraphs work best and demonstrate your intelligence. Nothing less than 50 pages will ever get their attention.”

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