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Negotiating a Happy Outcome

Does “negotiation” bring to mind a hard fought battle of the minds akin to a poker game where the winner takes all? Best avoided? If so help is at hand. After the negotiation there are consequences! If the other party thought you were intransigent, fought for too hard a deal, trampled over them from a position of strength they will get their own back. Expect attempts to renege on the deal, warranty issues, bad reviews. Don’t expect them to do business with you again in a hurry.

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Why is there so little support for small service businesses who want to innovate?

When innovation is mentioned by the government and media, they usually refer to manufacturing or high tech SMEs. But 70% of small companies are service businesses, and with only a little help, they can innovate more too. And because they can move faster, the payback from their innovation can be seen in months, rather than years. As a nation we need this growth, so why are we largely ignoring the 70% of those who could achieve it for us?

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Businesses with a heart

According to Investec Bank, almost 80% of those in the East of England donated to charity last year, with the average total per person £176.85, compared with £186.15 per person for the UK as a whole. It also reveals that the value of people’s donations to charities in 2011 was 12% less than in 2010, so why should businesses develop charitable relationships?

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How to increase your rental yields by reducing your voids

With the private rental sector projected to grow to 21% by 2019 and the average age of the first time buyer at 37, there are still a lot of opportunities for new and experienced landlords to expand their portfolio. Being a professional landlord in today’s market means that you need to make sure that the assets you have make a profit now as well as in the future. The easiest way is to reduce void periods buy buying the right property. Here are my ten top tips to choosing the correct property.

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Preparing for a business exhibition or trade show – 10 Top Tips

I recently attended the Meerkats & Avatars 2011 Media Technology exhibition where many new technology products from the East of England were showcased to the national technology press and regional journalists too. I was impressed by the quality of the stands presented and also by the professionalism of the staff from the companies involved. Most of the companies were start-up or small businesses and many of their team hadn’t even attended a business exhibition before, let alone exhibited!

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