Inspiration, Motivation, Communication…Growing success in your team

Inspiration, Motivation, Communication…Growing success in your team


I’m looking back on an interesting and exciting week that started with a great evening of sharing, networking and much laughter (thanks to Tim Stimpson, former British Lions rugby player) at our inaugural ‘Growing Success’ event.

This saw our restaurant filled with young, ambitious companies and members of our coaching and finance team, all coming together to chat and share.   There was quite a buzz.

In fact two of the companies – Coracle Online and Lintbells – did more sharing than most as they generously submitted to our request for them to present.  Both stories are compelling in different ways.  And both companies have reaped the benefit of coaching to unlock their growth potential but they’ve inevitably gone different routes.  Not surprising as they’re operating in different markets; Lintbells is in the pet food market and Coracle Online works with trade organisations to make training resources accessible online.

They are a good illustration of the diverse range of businesses we work with via Coaching for High Growth and also Understanding Finance for Business. Both programmes attract and support businesses in all sectors, from technology to food, manufacturing and many more besides.

It’s interesting and, (I must admit) rewarding, to see both programmes really making an impact.  Understanding Finance for Business has been going for a while but raising finance is a tricky business so results inevitably take longer.  The fundraising tally currently stands at over £4m.  That is £4m raised in a combination of grants, bank and equity finance.  The support to help raise this has been at no cost to the companies concerned.  And there are lots more deals in the pipeline – so watch this space.

We only started running the coaching programme late in 2010 but we now have 55 businesses in the coaching process, all on their way to exciting growth.  You can hear what some of them have said about their experience of the coaching process here and here or check out the really TOP quality coaches we’ve got involved.  Their experience and coaching skills are paramount.  But of course they couldn’t do their job without the commitment of the businesses that show commendable willingness and acceptance of the challenges put in front of them.

St John’s Innovation Centre is similar to many of our clients in that we have been around for quite a while and have recently gone through a growth spurt. Growth tends not to be linear or consistent but to come in phases. Often it is driven by changes in circumstances or by innovation, which is rife in the East of England.  Long may it continue.

That said, innovation is one thing but for a business to grow successfully requires a good team and for that team to work well together.  We were privileged to have Tim Stimpson with us on Monday night.

The Cambridge News recently referred to ‘the sport of networking’ and I’m sure you can see the parallels between networking and sport.  Tim’s witty repartee filled the room with laughter but the underlying message was not lost; inspiration, motivation, communication are all essential ingredients for success.  BRING your team with you and your chances of success are great.   DRAG them and you are doomed.

Monday’s evening was the first in what we plan as a series of events for coached companies and those that are working with us to raise finance.  It has set the bar high and I look forward to the next one with anticipation.