GUEST BLOG: Cambridge Software Celebrates 3 Years of Success

GUEST BLOG: Cambridge Software Celebrates 3 Years of Success


As it celebrates its third birthday, we interview Phil Mashinchi, Managing Director, on the success of the business so far and the vision for where it’s going.

Cambridge Software Team

Can you tell us a bit about the company Cambridge Software?
Cambridge software was founded in early 2013. It actually came out of a company called BrightVisions an IT services company, that services companies across the UK and into Europe. The reason of doing this is there was always a need for custom software development that BrightVisions was approached for and it wasn’t the core of what the company did and so we saw the opportunity to start a company to be able to deliver solutions using the same quality and standards we’ve done at BrightVisions.

How many years have you worked in the industry?
I’ve worked in the IT industry for more years than I’d like to mention. I started in the industry in the very late 80’s as a software developer working in the security industry and from then on moved into infrastructure, IT consulting and full circle back to software development.

What potential do you see for growth?
The growth of Cambridge Software has been very encouraging. We are getting involved in some very interesting and challenging projects. Our team is growing quite quickly we have got ten people involved now. We see the company at least doubling or tripling in size within the next twelve to twenty-four months.

How do you explain the company’s success?
I put Cambridge Software’s success on the people that we have in the company. We have been very fortunate to bring some amazingly smart and business focused individuals into the team. We have quite a relaxed environment allowing individuals to thrive and to develop and that is allowing the individuals to grow and with that the company to grow.

Are there any new products in the pipeline?
There are two elements to Cambridge Software: On one side is the custom software development and the other is a we are developing a family of products, business management products. The first one of them being a CRM product, quite unique in the way it works and quite advanced compared to other products out there. And we have had a very positive response on the market for that and we are getting sign ups, new companies coming on board on a daily basis. We will be complementing that with other products including HR, project management and many others as well, so watch this space and see the new products come along.

How do you see Cambridge Software developing in the next 3 years?
I see Cambridge Software’s growth to continue and grow exponentially. We have had very very good success and growth already. We are based in Cambridge giving us access to some amazing resources and people for the company to grow and actually widen our reach beyond just Cambridgeshire and the UK but actually offer our products and services globally.

What is the most rewarding element of running a company?
The most rewarding thing for me in Cambridge Software is actually watching the team grow and in turn the company grow as well as what we manage to achieve and produce for are clients. The top of the list for me is developing individuals and then when we have team outings just literally sitting down and looking across at all the members of the team and seeing what they have achieved and what they have done and seeing how close of a team they have become is fantastic feeling.

Keep an eye on Cambridge Software’s twitter @CambridgeSoft for a video of this interview and more news about the company.