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How to choose the right venue for your event

Finding and booking the right venue to match your event objectives is key as it will have the biggest impact on your budget and overall performance of the event. Here are some tips on how to find the right venue to ensure your event is a success…   Planning One of the first steps when […]

A View From The Frontline – How to Keep Your Customers Happy

In a working world where demand for excellent customer service is thought of as a right, not a fortunate bonus, how do we ensure that we remain at the top of our game in terms of keeping our clients happy?

So are you ready to be interviewed on the radio?

More and more in today’s world we all have to be aware of and know how to deal with all sorts of different media, and it is important that we are as comfortable as possible in doing so as we will be sending out messages that others will pick up.

So you are going to be interviewed on the radio about your business, or at least about an aspect of it, so what should you do?

The simple process of organising an event

Organising and preparing for a conference or event is not a simple process at the best of times. However, it can be made easier with careful planning and preparation and a sense of humour along the way.

Growing your business brand

Charles Handy once said: “Organisations are as different and as varied as the nations and societies of the world. They have differing cultures – sets of values and norms and beliefs – reflected in different structures and systems. And the cultures are affected by events of the past and climates of the present.”

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