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Future Digital Trends: Customer Experience and Personalisation

I recently read a Google article exploring the top digital trends set to emerge over the next twenty years. Customer experience and personalisation are set to become major themes, particularly as businesses are placing more importance on developing a customer-centric brand. According to a survey of 4,000 marketers by Econsultancy, the top two digital trends in 2020 are going […]

Watify – 10 things to know when doing business online

Do you sell online? Or perhaps you are considering expanding your business with e-commerce? Watify is a non for profit initiative supported by the European Commission based on several sessions of serial entrepreneurs explaining how they have overcome their doubts while starting or digitizing their own business The partners at Watify have developed an incredibly useful online […]

Enthusiasm for Engineering

At the recent TEDxGranta conference held at The Junction in Cambridge, one talk highlighted a worrying trend in the UK today: schoolchildren don’t really know what engineering is about, and hence are unlikely to consider it as a career.

How to achieve lasting growth and higher margins – Market strategy

If you haven’t stopped to think about it before, here are a handful of simple ideas that you can easily apply and that will make a difference to your chances of lasting business success.

Ten top tips to get positive media coverage

During my career as a writer and editor in the healthcare sector, I have seen firsthand the mistakes so many healthcare companies make in their attempts to secure coverage in the media. But by following the ten golden rules outlined in this post, you can ensure that you avoid these frequent faux pas and get your product in front of the readers that matter to you.

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