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Finance isn’t always the answer

In my work with early-stage businesses, I find there is frequently an assumption that finance is the solution to all problems. And yet, depending on the stage and nature of the business, a host of other options may be available. So, a call to entrepreneurs – think twice!

Would you do a deal if your life depended on it?

Ask Jay-Z about integrity in Business Deals. Clients often ask how they can be sure that they can trust someone with whom they are discussing a business idea or deal. In over 20 years of working with pre-start or early-stage businesses I have never come across anyone who has “stolen” a business idea.

Negotiating with Funders

One of the most challenging issues that entrepreneurs face is negotiating with funders. On the one hand most people are grateful for the offer of funding at all and yet, on the other, the long-term implications of agreeing to the wrong deal terms can be dreadful…

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