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Key Points from The Report on Small Firms 2010-2015

The Prime Minister’s Enterprise Advisor Lord Young reviewed the changing face of small businesses in the UK over the past 5 years. We have collected a selection of key points from the report for your perusal.

Small business guide on how to win a public sector contract by Dragon & entrepreneur, Piers Linney

USE CONTRACTS FINDER Use Contracts Finder to find public sector contracts in your area that match the goods or services you sell. You can also look up adverts about subcontracting opportunities or identify suppliers that have won contracts so you can approach them directly. Contracts Finder can also help you plan as it contains pipelines […]

Does your business have the cash that it needs?

For any business, whether start-up, established or expanding, cash flow is the key. It needs to be managed and not enough cash can be a disaster. Finding money via Business loans from Banks or attracting that injection of equity to grow your business is not easy. Each type of lender has their own specific requirements and […]

Are you missing funding and business advice opportunities…?

As the number of SME’s in the UK soars towards the 5 million mark a recent survey undertaken by Axa Insurance reveals that many of these businesses are unaware of support available to help them grow. It is a well-known fact that businesses that seek external advice perform better than businesses that don’t seek advice. […]

Where to go for funding when all you’re hearing is “No”?

So, you run a revenue generating business with strong growth potential based on a product or service that meets a specific need, in a sector that is growing. You and your team are keen to build the business but you need funding to take it to the next level. But that’s where you’re stuck. You’ve talked to the banks and they’re not playing ball. It seems it’s all in the balance sheet; they want to see robust sales with consistent growth. You can show the sales but, for various reasons, your running costs, margins and volume aren’t what they could be, so the balance sheet doesn’t look pretty and your growth strategy isn’t cutting it.

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