Monthly Archives for September 2011

It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

The Next Mis-selling Crisis?

When any company borrows money from a main UK bank, they are likely to be approached by the Treasury sales team in order to ‘examine’ Interest Rate Hedging. The concept and structures available are important to consider. To explain the concept of hedging briefly…

Do you know how much it actually costs you to fulfil each order or service each client?

Again this week I visited a small company who have survived the recession and are relatively comfortable that they are consistently making a profit – i.e. they have money in the bank. However, when I challenged them to tell me what profit they made on individual products, they were unable to answer.

TLC for your eyes

If you sometimes suffer from tired eyes with a gritty or itching sensation, then relief is nearer than you thought. SJIC tenant, Altacor is a specialist ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with expertise in the phenomena of ‘dry eye’, a common problem for computer-users.