Monthly Archives for March 2011

It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

I’m a physiotherapist turned businessman thanks to coaching

I’m a physiotherapist by training but I now view myself as a businessman, largely thanks to some great business coaching. Working with a coach has given us a new, clearer vision. Before the coaching, we were looking at a huge NHS contract that would have delivered 150 – 200% growth. Keith helped us to see that that contract could have blown us out of the water. Such sharp growth would have been painful and short term.

Value Chain- delivering value to the customer

The old tools are often the best. They’ve stood the test of time, they’re robust enough to be able to respond to change and, usually, they’re simple enough to bring clarity and not add complexity. David Jenkins from takes a look at the value chain.

Perfect Presentations

You’ve just delivered a flawless, perfectly worded presentation yet the audience seem underwhelmed at best… what went on? Kate Atkin works with organisations, teams and individuals focusing on the core issues of Confidence, Clarity and Communication and has seen it all…