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It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

The disconnect between investors and entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever watched Dragons’ Den, or been to ‘real life’ investment events that follow a similar model of pitching to a panel or a roomful of investors, you’ll know there is often a great chasm between what an entrepreneur thinks an investor wants to see or hear in a pitch, and the information that an investor is actually looking for.

Showing us the Money

In my previous post, I mentioned that a number of companies pitched to our panel of angel investors at ‘Meerkats and Avatars’. Discussions are ongoing so it’s too early to pronounce judgement on the outcome but suffice to say…

Gentlemen of the Press, the Lady from the BBC

Earlier this month, after much planning, we finally held the ‘Meerkats & Avatars’ event at the Hauser Forum, Cambridge. During the day, a dozen early-stage companies based in the region exhibited potentially ground-breaking new products – from solar panels to cancer diagnostics, syncing and charging plugs via music in the cloud and network device visualisation. It was exhilarating to see that despite two years of a tough economic climate, ‘Silicon Fen’ hasn’t lost its ability to innovate – in spades.

The Economist’s Insights

The ongoing debate around the difficult balance between the underlying dynamism of the Cambridge cluster and the increasing challenge of obtaining funding has been chewed over regularly but The Economist recently covered it in a clear and balanced way, concluding its thoughtful piece:

Low Carbon business funding – good news for some

Despite current uncertainties in public policy and government spending, there is one area of economic growth and innovation which we can confidently predict will continue to be favourbly prioritised for years to come, the low carbon, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental ‘cleantech’ sector…